©Andrea Varani – cover story for CBS Watch! magazine

pictures by Andrea Varani – out in August 2012 – produced by Aura Photo Agency and CBS Watch! in Milan, april 2012

featuring: Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs

stylist: Mireille Comstock/editor: Jeremy Murphy/ producers: Valerio Cordioli and Christopher Ross/ associate producers: Paola Perniè and Peter Jablonski/ hair: Maurizio Lucchese/ make-up: Daniela Galeazzi/ digital tech: Nicola Moretto/ styling assistant: Adelina Cigolini/ video backstage: Marco Puccini

©Stephanie Pfriender Stylander new MASTERHAND campaign

shot in Ibiza, June 2012

©Andrea Olivo on A magazine n. 30 – July 2012

©Andrea Olivo on A magazine n. 30 – July 2012 – styling: Leonardo Caligiuri