New Artist: Introducing FRANCESCO FAVERO

Milan based Editorial and advertising illustrator, Flash, 2D and 3D animator and concept artist, all for the most important Italian and foreign customers, clients include:  Armando Testa, Atletico, Bates, Bcu3e, Binario, Cacao Design, Capital, CasiraghiGreco&, Dandelio, DDE/Stahlberg, De Agostini, Dentsu, DLVBBDO, Dolci ADV, Ediciclo, Enormous, Euro RSCG, Forchets, Grey Interactive, Grey Worldwide, Havas, Hi!, Jakala, JWT, Kerosene, Leagas Delaney, Leo Burnett, Loescher, Lumen, Luoghinoncomuni, Martini6, Mercurio, Momentum, Nadler, Nowavailable, Ogilvy & Mother, Ogilvy Interactive, Ogilvy One, Olà, One Day, Opinion Leader, Ovolab, Pearson, Publicis, Qualogy, Raffaello Editore, Raineri Design, Red Cell, RMG, Rolling Stone Magazine, Rusconi Editore, Satchi & Saatchi, Selection, Sesonrose, Six & Co, Smallfish, Studio Scuola, Studio Soi, STV, TBWA, The House Of Mouse, Universo Editore, Young & Rubicam, Yes I am, Zodiac Active.



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