introducing top celebrity photographer TIMOTHY WHITE

Timothy doesn’t need much introductions, his portfolio speaks for itself! Moving from NY and LA, Timothy is today one of the most sought-after celebrity photographers in the States. During his career there’s practically no Hollywood Celeb or Rock Star thet he didn’t take a portrait of. His photographic style molds from time to time on the person he is shooting,  he moves well both in the editorial as in the adv world, and he’s the author of some of the most famous film posters of modern cinema era.
Timothy non ha bisogno di molte presentazioni, il suo portfolio parla da solo. Muovendosi tra New York e Los Angeles, Timothy è uno dei più ricercati fotografi di celebrity d’ America, e nel corso della sua carriera non c’ è praticamente alcun divo di Hollywood o Rockstar che non abbia immortalato. Il suo stile fotografico si adatta di volta in volta al tipo di personaggio e si muove a suo agio nel mondo editoriale, in quello pubblicitario e nella creazione di alcune tra le più note locandine di film dei nostri tempi.
1998_Armageddon 2000_Mission-to-Mars 2002_K-19-The-Widowmaker 2005_Mr and Mrs.-Smith Al-Pacino Arnold-Schwarzenegger BillyBob-Thornton_01 Brad Pitt in bed Eva Mendes Glenn-Close_01 Harrison-Ford_01 Matthew McConaughey_1 Michelle Obama and Mrs Robinson Nicolas-Cage_02 Paul-Newman_01 Uma Thurman BW Usher-&-Baby Whoopi_Poise_08

©Stephanie Pfriender Stylander on GRAZIA n.21 -2014

Photo: ©Stephanie Pfriender Stylander – Styling: Michela Guasco


introducing SONIA SZÓSTAK

We are proud to introduce in Europe SONIA SZÓSTAK.
Only 24 years old, Sonia is a rising star that is being noticed for her multi-faceted style and mysterious, poetic photography. “Best Debutante” in 2011 for Fashion Magazine, she has been invited soon after by Carla Sozzani to exhibit her images in Corso Como 10 Gallery. She then joined Auraphoto in the spring of 2014 and is looking forward for a bright future!

Sonia is exclusively represented in Italy, UK, Spain and France.
For further informations please contact us.

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photo: Boris Ovini – styling: Lola D’ Haese