meet our new top CGI/3D artist SIMON DANAHER!

Simon Danaher has over 15 years experience in cgi and image production working with global agencies and brands to create award-winning (several golden lions in Cannes…) and beautifully striking imagery. With a strong commitment to opposing 3D clichés Simon has built an aesthetic influenced by photography and fine art blended expertly with digital 3D technology.


Renault, Audi, VISA, Nestle, Sony, Carefour, Nicolas, Toyota, Cheerios, Tide, (P&G), Woolite, Nike, Orange, Olay, Fujitsu, Isuzu, Fram, Honeywell, New Scientist, WIRED, Edge, Jim Beam, Future Publishing, Dennis Publishing, The Daily Telegraph, Be Love, BBC Worldwide, New Scientist.


for info/bookings contact us!


04Xray Test_0004 07arthur hand_09 copy 08Barb UK Flag 14TID Sea O Cops (smaller) flt 38Joypad 3k 2008 Upsidedown 51Renault Van TURBINES white 28 FULL FLT copy 53SD Orange Room GI Splash


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