©Matto Colombo on Schön feat. Juliette Lewis

SCHöN Magazine n.31 feat. JULIETTE LEWIS
photo: ©Matt Colombo @Aura Photo Agency
fashion: Coline Bach


©Sonia Szòstak on ROLLING STONE Magazine

Rolling Stone Italy
photo: ©Sonia Szòstak  – feat. Birdy


©Matt Colombo on ZOO Magazine

“Down the Rabbit Hole” on ZOO mag
feat. Melissa Tofton

photo: ©Matt Colombo@AuraPhotoAgency
styling: Chloe Beeney


©Jacob and Carrol on GRAZIA Italy n.11

“La ragazza in blu” on GRAZIA Italy n.11
photo: ©Jacob Sadrak & Carrol Cruz @Aura Photo Agency
styling: Michele Bagnara – feat. Sita Abellan

146_GR11_2016 147_GR11_2016 148_GR11_2016 149_GR11_2016

©Matt Colombo for ZOO Magazine

Zoo Magazine
photo: ©Matt Colombo @Aura Photo Agency
featuring Twin Peak’s theme singer Julee Cruise – styling by Namalee Bolle