©Andrea Varani on GENTLEMAN n.149 – July 2013

©Andrea Varani on GENTLEMAN n.49 – July 2013
styling: Gioia Carozzi



©Andrea Varani on LADIES n. 37

©Andrea Varani
on LADIES n. 37 – May 2013
Styling: Gioia Carozzi





©Andrea Varani on LADIES n. 46 – 2013

“A la Marocaine” – Photo: Andrea Varani – Styling: Gioia Carozzi



Backstage: Andrea Varani shooting the NEO LOOK campaign in Milan

Photo: Andrea Varani
Client: Neo Look (Russia)
Ad: Anastasia Bachurina
Styling: Sara Francia
Models: Sam Diaz @Urban, Sophie Beerman @Women, Sergio Pankov @Fashion
Hair & Make-up: Daniela Galeazzi e Ugo Lucchese @FacetoFace
Production: AuraPhotoAgency

©Andrea Varani – New campaign for NEOLOOK (Russia) Glasses

photographer: ANDREA VARANI @Aura Photo Agency, art director: ANASTASIA BACHURINA, models: SAM DIAZ@Urban, SOPHIA BEERMAN@Women, SERGIO PANKOV@fashion models, hair and styling: DANIELA GALEAZZI & MAURIZIO LUCCHESE@facetoface, styling: SARA FRANCIA, backstage: MARCO PUCCINI, production and coordination: VALERIO CORDIOLI@Aura Photo Agency

73082_129901613834487_316126786_n30976_129901730501142_731000483_n 76122_129901567167825_1414040347_n  76172_129901617167820_1459397611_n 270186_129901733834475_722298976_n 526911_129901610501154_1228812612_n  542715_129901647167817_1973653291_n 600283_129901583834490_1944596807_n 604026_129907563833892_425937844_n

©Andrea Varani – cover story for CBS Watch! magazine

pictures by Andrea Varani – out in August 2012 – produced by Aura Photo Agency and CBS Watch! in Milan, april 2012

featuring: Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs

stylist: Mireille Comstock/editor: Jeremy Murphy/ producers: Valerio Cordioli and Christopher Ross/ associate producers: Paola Perniè and Peter Jablonski/ hair: Maurizio Lucchese/ make-up: Daniela Galeazzi/ digital tech: Nicola Moretto/ styling assistant: Adelina Cigolini/ video backstage: Marco Puccini