©Andrea Olivo ADV campaign for MEDIASET PREMIUM featuring Carlos Tevez e Filippo Inzaghi

photo: Andrea Olivo – campaign: Mediaset Premium – agency: Havas WW –

testimonials: Carlos Tevez e Filippo Inzaghi

affissione book PRIMO SOGG TEVEZ affissione book PRIMO SOGG affissione book SECONDO SOGG INSIEME


New Photographer: CESARE CICARDINI

Introducing super-talented portraits & celebrity photographer CESARE CICARDINI

based in Milan, Cesare has quickly gained a reputation as one of the best portrait photographers in Italy,  his natural, creative and simple approach to portraiture has been appreciated and required by countless international celebrities in music, cinema, art and literature…and the show goes on!

to see more visit: http://auraphotoagency.com/ita/index.php?name=cesare%20cicardini