Erica Peschiera VOGUE digital

Pu’Uwai on

Art direction & styling Alessia Caliendo
Photographer Antonio Dicorato – Video director Andrea Bertolotti
Make up: Erica Peschiera @Aura Photo Agency
Hair Luigi Morino @Close Up Agency – Model Mira @ Monster Managament

©Nhu Xuan Hua on

“Fear” (for ) – Photo: ©NHU XUAN HUA – Model: Emily Meuleman@ ELITE LONDON – Stylist : Fa Rah – Make up: Jo Frost @CLM agency using M.A.C Cosmetics – Hair : Chiao Shen @Airport Agency – Model : Emily Meuleman @ Elite Model London – Filmmaker : WANE – We Are Not Exposed – Photographer assistant : Shawn Paul Tan – Make-up assistants : Emma Broom and Shell Sullivan – Special thanks to : Damian Kochanowski, David Carter @ 40 winks, Isabelle Laurent and Street Studios
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